About us

LaJosi Women’s Secret is a family affair.

My grandmother was an avid hairdresser. My mother inherited this from her mother.

When I first became interested in my mother’s profession, I often asked myself the following question in my innermost being:

How can you do hairdressing to not only please yourself, but to please others?

How can you use your art to make the world happy?

That’s how I started to doodle the braids on my little sister’s head to make her happy. I used to do it so often that it made her even more beautiful. One day, his girlfriend came to see me and asked me to make her as beautiful. I gladly accepted. In the end, I cannot measure the joy that animated this little girl who was returning home. That’s how I learned to bring happiness to the world by giving what I do best: hair.

5 years ago, Secret de femmes lajosi was born in Quebec City to bring a smile to the world of Canada.

In our store, we have all the ingredients to make you smile or make you feel better.

LaJosi Women’s Secret has recently expanded into beauty products to complement the art of braiding our hair.

This is why our store has become a reference in Canada for beauty products in addition to its hair salon.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give or restore a smile to our clients and to people who need it.

Our values

Ethics, transparency and respect are the values that govern our company in the services we offer to our clients.

Our customer support team

Available 24 hours a day to answer your questions

Satisfied customers

More than 1350 satisfied customers

quality products

More than 1500 high quality products
Year of experience

More than 5 years on Quebec soil serving all the population of the country

Professional team

A team of qualified professionals

In addition, several thousand products are available on our online site to serve all 4 corners of the country.

We sell natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic wigs at affordable prices throughout the year. Available in stores and online

We also sell cosmetic products for the maintenance of our hair of all kinds. Available in stores and online

We install extension cords that are available in the store. If you wish, you can personalize your hairstyle and your choice of hair. Make an appointment .

Women’s Secret lajosi is still perfectible, that’s why your comments are a strength for us. We are open to any improvement. We are open to your criticisms because they allow us to improve ourselves to serve you even better than before.

Send us your comments, we will be happy to take them into account and adjust.

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